About Us

Prairie Outpost Garden Design believes amazing landscapes start with innovative designs; use of enduring natural materials and plants that enhance your space. We create a living permanency. Prairie Outpost Garden Design is an incorporated company, bonded and insured, a member of BBB and in excellent standing with WCB.


About You

Our typical clients want us to design unique, functional, and wish-list fulfilling landscapes. You want to be presented with options, not only in design, but also materials. You want creative solutions to practical problems and want the job done well. What you don’t want is for the project to drag on for the whole summer because you want to enjoy your new landscaping as soon as possible.

Treva supplied us with three excellent plans. The project came in exactly on budget. The project was completed in a timely way, and everything went very smoothly. The final result was exactly what we wanted, it is two years now, and the plants have grown in beautifully. The plants are low maintenance which is good for us, and are appropriate for the climate and the style we wanted

-Paula Fayerman, 2013

About Me

I have always enjoyed solving puzzles and believe this is why I enjoy the design process. I tend to focus on practical aspects first, and then the aesthetics.  Solving any issues that impact the flow, and then laying out the property in a way that creates balance, is rewarding. Watching a property go from plans on paper to a beautiful space is gratifying, but most rewarding is building relationships with my crew, our sub-trades, and our clients.  Almost all of our work comes from referrals so meeting and exceeding expectations is just good business.


Treva Usher,Owner/Designer/General Contractor

Phone: 403-554-7413  


Meet my team

About Her

Marguerite has always enjoyed learning about and creating what is beautiful.  Initially completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts and then a BA in Art History, her later studies turned to horticultural courses though Olds College, followed by landscape design classes. Transforming outdoor spaces allows Marguerite to pull from her academic studies, as well as her practical skills to create something that is beautiful, functional, and lasting.  Marguerite also creates stunning arrangements in outdoor pots for all seasons.  I am grateful for the collaborative working relationship she brings to the team and value her “the devil is in the details” approach.

Marguerite Bekker, Designer/General Contractor     

Phone: 403-620-5220


Marguerite presented me with a couple of superb design options, and gently steered me away from serious errors in judgement.-Tracy Marsden, 2016

About Him

Jonas Haehlen’s work ethic and his need for perfection are qualities not often found in someone his age. It is these traits, as well as his energy, problem solving skills, and charm that makes him a superb project manager.  Jonas is an athlete who knows the value of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. He looks for these qualities in others when making up the team that must take the designs from paper to ground. Most important to know is nothing frustrates Jonas more than disorganization. We think it is the Swiss in him.


Jonas Haehlen, Project Manager

Phone: 403-510-8286


About Him Too  

Craig Usher commonly refers to himself as the” back office,” which is just another way of saying he is the backbone of the company. He makes sure Prairie Outpost adheres to all good business practises. This is not just people and equipment safety, but ensuring we are in good standing with WCB, licencing, and liability rules. He would like to be known as Chief Financial Officer, but that is just going too far. Given his many years in the electrical industry, he has also agreed to take on our landscape lighting installs.


Craig Usher, Administration / Lighting

Phone: 403-807-7089


About Them  

Our crew, is for the most part, hired by the crew. In other words, at one point in my hiring process I hired someone who worked hard, brought positive energy, was goal orientated, smart, and aspired to a high level of athleticism then let them hire who they wanted to work with.  What resulted was a dream team.


More than an added bonus, all of her staff are amazing, professional, driven individuals which only heightened the experience.”-Brandis Arsenault 2015


The high energy work crew were fast and efficient and completed our project in just over two weeks. We were extremely pleased with the work that they did and would recommend them to others without hesitation.”-Joanne Carry, 2016

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