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Our typical clients want us to design unique, functional, and wish-list fulfilling landscapes. You want creative solutions to practical problems. You want to be presented with options not only in design but also in both hardscape and softscape materials. You want to unlock the full potential of your outdoor space. What you don’t want is for the project to drag on for the whole summer because you want to enjoy your new landscaping as soon as possible.

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I have always enjoyed solving puzzles and believe this is why I enjoy the design process. I tend to focus on practical aspects first, and then the aesthetics.  Solving any issues that impact the flow, and then laying out the property in a way that creates balance, is rewarding. Watching a property go from plans on paper to a beautiful space is gratifying, but most rewarding is building relationships with my crew, our sub-trades, and our clients.  Almost all of our work comes from referrals so meeting and exceeding expectations is just good business.


Treva Usher, Owner/Designer/General Contractor

Phone: 403-554-7413



Marguerite has always enjoyed learning about and creating what is beautiful.  Initially completing Bachelors of Arts in both Fine Arts and Art History, her later studies turned to horticultural courses through Olds College, followed by landscape design classes. Recently she has been working on an MRU Interior Decorator certificate just to round things out. I am grateful for the collaborative working relationship she brings to the team and value her “the devil is in the details” approach.

Marguerite Bekker, Designer/General Contractor     

Phone: 403-620-5220



Our crew, is for the most part, hired by the crew. In other words, at one point in my hiring process I hired someone who worked hard, brought positive energy, was goal orientated, smart, and aspired to a high level of athleticism then let them hire who they wanted to work with.  What resulted was a dream team.

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